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What is M-Fit?

M-Fit prides itself on building fitter, stronger, fitter and more robust versions of you! We use years of knowledge and experience to bring you expertly crafted workouts. We combine strength exercises such as the back squat, deadlift and bench press combined with a variety of dumbbell and bodyweight movements that will leave you feeling challenged but accomplished.

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Take the guess work out!

All sessions are provided via our online fitness app.

Provides 5 FULL body workouts per week. With clear instructional videos.

Everything you need to become the best version of you!

Brand new ultimate program 💪🏻

Brand new ultimate program 💪🏻

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All our programs cater for everyone of all abilities.

Newbie or gym OG, sports athlete or someone looking for just a sweat sesh.

We’ve got you covered.

Our online programming works on a monthly subscription basis and includes a 7-day free trial.

Hear what our memebers say.

My expectations have definitely been exceeded.

Every session is different and the go-to videos are a real help. I would recommend this program to anyone!


The BBA Program is awesome!

The workouts are always varied to keep you engaged and the PB’s keep rolling in.

Joining was the best thing i did!


I wish I joined sooner.

I wasn't one for the gym but the BBA program has kept me going and the results keep coming.

I'm stronger and healthier than ever before.



M-Fit 2023 workout and casual wear in store now.

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